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Our site is about the most popular "real money" online video slots games & online casino software providers to play video slot games online in the UK.

Popular Video Slots Games to Play Online in the UK

There are quite literally hundreds of video slots games which can be played in online casinos and at bingo sites – some sites are also dedicated to slots only. Software developers such as Microgaming offer up to as many as 400 video slots online to choose from, whereas other designers offer less. Microgaming just so happens to be one of the most aggressive in its roll out of video slots and they release new games often weekly, but definitely monthly. Playtech, Net Entertainment, Real Time Gaming, Wager Works, Virtue Fusion and a whole slew of developers, also offer regular new games which are then added to their various online casino licensees sites.

As Microgaming is the most aggressive of these developers we tend to look at their new games first; it is without a doubt they are the best, but Net Entertainment also offers great-to-play video slots. Both of these designers have a new vampire themed video slot out, presumably in time for Halloween as at the time of writing it is October. We were mightily surprised to find that the Net Entertainment "Blood Suckers™" is as good if not better than the Microgaming "Bitten™", and believe that this Net Entertainment is a developer worth watching. However Microgaming actively pursues big brands for their games and these are what sells video slots online.

A little over two months ago we were shocked and surprised to find a brand new way to play video slots games, and this came about with the Microgaming version of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds. Complete with music and a new technology known as Cinematic Spins, which is also trademarked to Microgaming. This game is a world in entertainment itself, the evocative music from this production coupled with the slot game and clips from the film staring Tom Cruise. In all honesty we didn't believe this designer could do better, but they were merely setting the video slots gaming stage to now shock the cr... you know what out of us when they delivered The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring, which is as you know the first in this trilogy.

The Lord of the Rings Online Video Slot Game

Again the Lord of the Rings delivers the goods for the developer, online casino operator and the end user - that's us. They have a license from New Line Cinema to also use film clips, music and all the characters the films have brought to life, and we have come to know and love. A mind-blowing entertainment experience all in a video slots game! Who knew when they were pulling the lever on a one armed bandit 30 years ago, that they might today be playing such a technologically advanced game as this? Microgaming also has an agreement in place to produce two further Lord of the Rings games which will be named as in the trilogy - The Two Towers and The Return of the King! Is there possibly any place left for this online video slots developer to go? We are certain they will find somewhere!

Online slots come in every theme and genre; if you enjoy pub slots or fruit machines as some people call them, you will find these online. They are often placed in the Classical Slots category and have three reels and one pay line or more. These online slots also feature well recognized symbols such as cherries and bars and although they are played online and may look like a video slot, they are actually not. A video slot online is set apart by the fact that it generally has five reels and 9 or more pay lines. There are a couple of video slots games with only three reels but these are few and far between. For example the Playtech Game – "Gold Rally" carries a large PJP (Progressive Jackpot Prizes), looks and plays like a video slot, and has only three reels.

When you play video slots games online you will find all shapes and sizes as well as themes. Coin ranges are much wider than we find in land based casinos and you don't have to wait for a seat to be vacated before you can play. PJP's in games such as Mega Moolah are funded to the tune of up to £1 000 000. Clover Rollover is another example of an online video slot with huge prize money up for grabs and it currently carries a prize of more than £3.5 million, or over €4 million. Big Top Tombola has a prize that currently stands at £1,287,346.08 and it is unbelievable to think that these life changing amounts of money can be won when you play video slots at online casinos or bingo sites.

Just a few months ago, one lucky young gent was fooling around with his mate at Jackpot Joy Bingo – playing Deal or No Deal on the Saturday afternoon of the August Bank Holiday, when he won a whopping £1.9 million. He had also promised his mate that if he won he would give him £250 000, and he did!

Tomb Raider 2 - Secret of the Sword Online Video Slot Game

The potential to win big when you play video slots games in the UK is huge. Games are themed on popular TV shows as well as movies and you will find Big Brother, Hole in the Wall, Family Fortunes, Tomb Raider, Wheel of Fortune, Price is Right, X Factor, and Mecca Bingo has the rights to use Britain's Got Talent. Certain sites have online video slots games created specifically for their site and the Palace Group for example has "The Palace Groupie" while Sun Bingo exclusively offers "Winning Headlines" and "Mystic Meg". There are slots based on popular board games, Monopoly Multiplier is one and so is Cluedo Who Wonnit, the choices are virtually limitless and the types of video slots you play are often governed by your own personal taste and not so much prize-driven.

Themes for video slots include hunting for Treasure, Marvel and DC Comics, even heroes such as Braveheart and Forrest Gump. Shopping, robbing banks, animals, fruit and gems are also popular themes and there is even a game called Mid Life Crisis, which has been created (tongue-in-cheek of course), specifically for men going through a mid life crises. You name it - if you want it, you will find it when you play video slots online.